FDCT Launches the Mobile App “Macau-in-Pocket”
The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) rolled out the mobile application “Macau-in-Pocket (MIP)” in support of Macao’s development into a smart city. The application provides users with convenience to search for, download and use mobile applications related to living in Macao.
“Macau-in-Pocket” mainly works to collect information about living in Macao. Be you a resident, a tourist or a merchant, you can use it to find the applications for your needs regarding tourism, culture, food, transportation, shopping or accommodation. It will also direct you to an App store for download of the applications concerned. FDCT hopes that ‘Macau-in-Pocket’ will help promote Macao’s mobile applications among residents and visitors, allow users to experience the convenience of life resulting from Macao’s transformation into a smart city as well as encourage locals mobile App developers to take part in the process.
The Android and iOS versions of the“Macau-in-Pocket”mobile App are available. User can search “Macau in Pocket” for download in Google Play and Apple App Store.

H5 homepage version:http://mip.fdct.gov.mo
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The schematic view of the mobile application “Macau-in-Pocket”

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Download “Macau-in-Pocket”
in Google Play
Download “Macau-in-Pocket”
in App Store
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