Science and Technology Week
The Science and Technology Week, which was initiated in Macao in 2005, is a large public science popularization event that takes place on a yearly basis and an important science popularization project undertaken by the Mainland and Macao Science and Technology Cooperation Committee. The event is hosted by the Science and Technology Council of the Macao SAR government, under the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. It is undertaken by Macao Science and Technology Development Fund and co-organized by China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Macao Science Center, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, Macao’s tertiary education institutions and other entities. Apart from having local high schools and tertiary education institutions as participating exhibitors, the event includes, depending on its theme, different government bodies, science facilities, scientific research institutions, science and technology organizations and enterprises as participants. The campaign consists of exhibitions and activities. The exhibitions feature a variety of displays ranging from contents that show the high-tech achievements of mainland China to excellent science popularization pieces from the region as well as their counterparts from local high schools, universities, scientific research institutions, organizations among others. The series of activities included are science popularization competitions, workshops, seminars, performances and so on.
Related Activities:
Date Activity Location
2023/10/19~22 Science and Technology Week 2023 and Exhibition of Innovation and Technology Results Macao
2022/10/20~22 Science and Technology Week 2022 and Exhibition of Innovation and Technology Results Macao
2021/12/10~12 Science and Technology Week 2021 and Exhibition of Innovation and Technology Results Macao
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