Funding Scheme for the Scientific Research Devices and Equipment of Higher Education Institutions
Application Period: From 18th January to 18th February, 2019

The Science and Technology Development Fund (hereafter referred to as “ FDCT”) devised this Scheme according to Articles 15 and 16 of the Financial Aid Grant Regulation, approved as per the Chief Executive’s Dispatch No. 235/2018 dated 3rd October 2018, to serve the MSAR government’s policies regarding the vigorous promotion of science and technology innovations and to provide vital supports for the new State Key Laboratories and research disciplines so as to further the research and innovation capabilities of local higher education institutions.

I. Applying Entities
   Local higher education institutions.

II. Funding Type 

III. Scope of Funding
     1. The Scheme offers funding of MOP 100 million for application by local higher education institutions to purchase research devices and equipment.
     2. Funding priority will be given to newly constructed State Key Laboratories and new research disciplines that needs to purchase new equipment.

IV. Application Requirements
    1. The applying entity must have sufficient space for the funded devices or/and equipment.
    2. The applying entity must agree to have operators for the said devices or/and equipment and make necessary modifications to the water, electricity, gas and ventilation equipment, etc. of the laboratories in which the devices or/and equipment are placed to ensure their smooth operation. 

V. Application Documents
     1. The applying entity’s identification information and relevant certificate(s), and the identification document of the legal representative of the entity;
     2. Completed application form in which the order of priority of devices or/and equipment to be purchased is listed down.

VI. Downloads





Apllication form


Annual report


Final report


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