Patent funding

Application period:
- The patent funding scheme is being restructured, application is not open at the moment.

Eligible for Funding
1. Local universities, colleges and their R&D centers;

2. Laboratories or entities engaged in research and development in Macao;

3. Local non-profit private organizations;

4. Commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs registered in Macao and engaged in research and development;

5. People engaged in research and development in Macao.

Funding method and terms

1.  Applicant(s) can submit application(s) on the “Scientific and Technological Achievements’ Patent Fund” prior to its application(s) to the Patent Examination and Approval Authority or in between the approval process. Those successfully patented projects are not allowed to apply for this fund.

2. Applicants must specify the mode of application and the total amount. According to Article 11 of the Financial Aid Grant Regulation, the financial aid can be divided into two types: gratuitous aid and paid aid. And the funding for each project shall last for no more than 3 years. If the application is for paid aid, the applicant must provide a guarantee for repayment and specify the date of payment and number of payment periods.
3. Principles for funding patents of scientific and technological achievements
    3.1 Applicant entities shall first apply for a Chinese or local patent. Before the Chinese patent is granted, no patent funding from other countries or regions shall be approved;
    3.2 Applicant entities which consider applying for an international patent should first apply for international PCT protection;
    3.3 Patents for inventions can be extended to Macao after the patents are approved in mainland China.
4. After the financial aid is granted, the applicant entity must submit a report on the applied project as per Article 13 of the Financial Aid Grant Regulation. For enquiries, please consult with the Science and Technology Development fund.

Filling method   

Please log in  Online Application System  to fill in the application plan

Please refer to the page of Account Registration for the specific operation of the account system and funding system.




Application Guidelines


Application Form for a Certificate of No Tax Arrears


Patent-funded Project Final Report



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