Funding Scheme for Innovation and Technology Promotion
Application Period: 12 to 30 April 2024
Important notice : The signed application and relevant attachments must be submitted to the Fund before the deadline (during office hours).​

I.        Objectives
To align with the policy address of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the Science and Technology Development Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “FDCT”) has launched the Funding Scheme for Innovation and Technology Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the “Scheme”). The Scheme aims to attract and support junior researchers and those who are interested in improving their scientific research capabilities to lead scientific and technological research and development (R&D), enhance the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents, enrich the technological talent pool, and facilitate the innovation and technology (I&T) in Macao, with a view to promoting the effect and contribution of I&T to social development.

II.      Target Group and Eligibility for Application
1.    Local higher education institutions under the supervision of the Macao SAR Government;
2.    In addition to the entities mentioned in the preceding paragraph, other private non-profit organizations registered in the Macao SAR.
III.     Principal Investigator
The principal investigator (PI) shall meet any of the following conditions:
1.    As of the date on which the application of the Scheme opens, the applicant has served as an assistant professor or equivalent in an entity referred to in paragraph 1 of the preceding article for not more than 5 years;
2.    Serve in an entity referred to in paragraph 2 of the preceding article;
3.    If the applying entity is an entity referred to in paragraph 2 of the preceding article, and the funds applied for will be used in higher education institutions, its PI shall also meet the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 of this article.
IV.     Funding Amount
The funding ceiling for each project is MOP 500,000.

V.     Funding Type
The funding type of the Scheme is non-reimbursable.

VI.     Funding Duration
The funding duration of the Scheme is from 1 to 2 years.

VII.    Application Procedure
Application must be submitted via the FDCT – Project Funding Online Application System.
For more details, please refer to the page of Account Registration.
1.   Applying entities having electronic signatures shall submit the application documents through the Online Application System of FDCT;
2.  In addition to submitting the application documents through the Online Application System of FDCT, applying entities not having electronic signatures shall download the application documents and submit them to FDCT after affixing signatures and seals on or before the deadline.
VIII.  Assessment Methods and Criteria
1.    Before accepting an application, the Administrative Committee of FDCT shall invite five to seven advisors from the list of project advisors to form the Project Advisory Committee.
2.    The application documents that may enter the review process will be submitted to the Project Advisory Committee formed by FDCT for review according to the review elements and criteria in the following paragraph.
3.    Key considerations will be given to the followings:
1)    The applying entity’s ability to implement the project.
2)    Project feasibility and work plan.
3)    Soundness of budget.
4)    Expected research findings.
5)    The effect of the project in promoting the R&D ability of participating researchers.
4.    FDCT may conduct site inspection to verify the research conditions of the applying entity, interview with the project team and partners (if any) as necessary.
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