Including Macao’s experts in the National Science and Technology Programs Expert Database

"The Mainland and Macao Science and Technology Cooperation Committee decided in its second meeting to expedite the work for including Macao’s experts in the National Science and Technology Programs Expert Database (hereinafter, Expert Database). The experts in the Expert Database will be eligible for engaging in the review, acceptance, consulting, information exchange and the like for national projects, such as National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) and National Science and Technology Support Program. The admission of Macao’s experts to the database will enhance local scientific workers’ external exchanges, promoting scientific cooperation between Macao and Mainland China and improving local science and technology strengths.

Macao Science and Technology Development Fund is responsible for the relevant work, including receiving the applications from Macao, carrying out the initial application review and compiling a recommendation list for the consideration and the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the inclusion of Macao’s experts in the Expert Database.

The Science and Technology Development Fund has been active in pushing forward the work. It has discussed and drawn up with the Ministry’s Department of Development Planning the Recommendation Approaches for the Inclusion of Macao’s experts in the National Science and Technology Programs Expert Database, which stipulates that experts to be included shall meet the following requirements:

1. Macao resident (including the permanent resident and the holder of the right of abode in Macao who have not been granted permanent residency) who is a Chinese national;

2. With a title higher than Associate Professor or Research Associate

3. At least three years’ full-time work experience in Macao’s institution(s); focused on research work for the past five years;

4. Participated in a National Science and Technology Program, or a project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation or the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund as a lead researcher;

5. High academic prowess, sharp technical insights and good academic judgment

6. A discreet and fair person who lives up to their principles with a strong sense of responsibility;

7. Willing to, have time or have what it takes to perform consulting, assessment and review work.

The Macao Science and Technology Development Fund recommended admitting six and eight local experts to the Expert Database respectively in 2009 and 2011. The 14 experts included were Wu Enhua, Mok Kai Meng, Tam Lap Mou, Wang Yitao,Li Shaoping, Qian Tao, Yuen Ka Veng and Wang Zhishi,from the University of MacauMeng Lirong and Tong Hoi Yee,from the Macao Polytechnic Institute and Mo Hui, Lam Wai Kei Liang Yong and Wong Hon Cheng from the Macau University of Science and Technology.

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