Potential Capacity Development Program
Potential Capacity Development Program
    The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) provides Macao’s high school students with a range of learning opportunities and supports their continuous improvement in scientific literary and capacity through the Potential Capacity Development Program. In the program, which was initiated in 2016, FDCT subsidies and commissions the University of Macau and Macau University of Science and Technology to offer long-term training to students starting from junior high schools for the development of their potential capacity in the field of science. The training covers general education, engineering applications, biotechnology, astronomy exploration and environmental science, and so on.
2020 Macao Youth Innovation Challenge
    FDCT organizes the 2020 Macao Youth Innovation Challenge to further strengthen students’ innovative capacity and encourage them to show their talent and creativity in the event. It is also an opportunity to show the outcomes of local students’ participation in innovative learning activities. The Challenge is part one of the reformed selection process. High school students with excellent performance will be selected for the Potential Capacity Development Program jointly launched by FDCT and the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau. In the program, the University of Macau will provide the students with guidance and training. After that, they will go through the second round of selection, during which those with outstanding projects will be chosen for participation in high-level science popularization competitions in and outside China. In a word, the Challenge is the first part of the process (for choosing participants for high-level competitions) that goes from the preliminary selection, training to the final selection.

Latest Notice (Updated: February 07, 2020)

The 2020 Macao Youth Innovation Challenge which is open for applications on Feb 24 2020 and will be held on Mar 14 2020 is unfortunately cancelled.Please visit the website for details:  

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