All project funding applications shall be made through the online funding application system of the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT).

User Manual for Scientific Research Project Application: Download


Individual Application:

1. Account Application Platform for Project Applicants
       - Applicants who have registered an account for the FDCT may log in to the Account Management page to manage their account (e.g.  changing the login password and adding a new relevant institution)


Institutional Application:
1. The project manager shall conduct real-name registration with the FDCT in person.
  Required documents:

       - Declaration for Opening an Account in the Application System for Scientific Research Project Funding

       - School/Association/Institution Project Mangers Registration Form

       - Bank Account Information Form
2.  The project applicant can open an account only after finishing the real-name registration with the FDCT.

  - Account Application Platform for Project Applicants

  - Account Management Platform for Project Managers

  - Account Management
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