Funding for enterprise innovation and R&D
Funding Scheme for Enterprise Innovation and R&D
Guidelines for Enterprise Innovation and R&D Project Funding: Download
Application date: October 15 to November 20, 2019.
  1. Purpose
In line with the SAR government's policy to foster emerging industries and increase efforts to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of local enterprises, enterprises are encouraged to carry out innovative research and development and apply scientific research achievements by means of industry-university-research cooperation, so as to strengthen the application of scientific research achievements to industries, promote industry-university-research cooperation, and encourage local enterprises to attach importance to innovation and research and development.
  1. Application eligibility
Business owners and commercial enterprises that meet the following requirements may apply to the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT).
(1) Registered in the Macao Special Administrative Region;
(2) Not in arrears with tax or social security contributions in the Macao Special Administrative Region.
  1. Application and funding amount
(1) The applicant entity must specify the budget of the project in the application plan. The amount consists of two parts: the amount applied from FDCT and the amount of its self-owned funds invested by the applicant entity.
(2) The amount applied from the FDCT shall not exceed 80% of the budget, and the maximum amount is 2 million Patacas. The amount of self-owned funds invested by the applicant entity shall be no less than 20% of the project budget.
(3) Spending on researcher recruitment shall not exceed 70% of the amount applied from the FDCT.
(4) The amount approved by the FDCT comprises two parts: 60% for R&D expenses (hereinafter “pre-funding”) and 40% for actual supporting investment (hereinafter “post-funding”).
(5) Pre-funding shall be granted during the project and post-funding shall be granted after the economic benefit report, reinvestment report or venture capital report is reviewed and approved by the FDCT. 
(6) The FDCT shall ensure that the sum of pre-funding and post-funding actually issued does not exceed 80% of the actual expenses of the project.
  1. Funding method
The fund will be totally or partially granted to the project in the following ways:
(1) No repayment is required;
(2) Repayment is required and appropriate guarantees are provided.
  1. Project duration
The maximum duration of this type of projects is 2 years.
  1. Application procedure
The application shall be made via the online funding application system of the FDCT. For the application and use of the online funding application system, please refer to the Scientific Research Funding.
  1. Approval
The FDCT shall observe the Financial Aid Grant Regulation, approved as per the Chief Executive.
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Funding Scheme for Enterprise Innovation and R&D Download
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