Junior S&T Talents Training Program

To support the governance philosophy that the Chief Executive put forward in 2016 in addition to solidifying and deepening the city’s achievements in science popularization, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau joined hands with the Science and Technology Development Fund to launch the Junior S&T Talents Training Program, which covers the following two main aspects:
I. Enhanced support for high school students’ participation in key science competitions
·  Key science competitions:
1. China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest
2.Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
·  Pooling resources and strengths
·  Intensifying pre-competition training
Support by Centre for Science & Engineering Promotion, University of Macau
II. Potential Capacity Development Program Initiated
. Organizer: Centre for Science & Engineering Promotion, University of Macau
· Targets: Second or third graders in junior high schools with outstanding performance in science subjects and great development potential in these areas are selected for long-term guidance.
. Content: The problem provides students with systematic research skills guidance and training enhance their innovative thinking and academic competitiveness as well as support them in taking part in key competitions to widen their global vision.
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