FDCT's Launch Ceremony of Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects and the Summary Session on Key Research Project 2020  
In order to better introduce to the public the research content of the newly funded key R&D projects and the progress of the on-going research projects, the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) will hold the “Launch Ceremony of Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects and the Summary Session on Key Research Project 2020” at 3 pm on September 16, 2021 in the conference hall of the Macao Science Center. Representatives from relevant government departments, local higher education institutions, technology enterprises and technology communities are invited to the event to brief the audience on the research content of the newly funded key R&D projects as well as the progress of ongoing projects. Activities of the event include the launch ceremony of four newly funded key R&D projects and the summary session on phased progress of the four ongoing key R&D projects.
Enterprises invests in supporting the four new applied scientific research projects
The newly funded projects focus more on projects with capability for transforming  scientific research results, especially for introducing well-known enterprises for cooperation in research and development, so as to provide favorable transformation conditions for promoting the development of Macao's science and technology industry. The four teams also invited enterprises cooperating in the projects to join the introduction at the event.
  1. The project of University of Macau (UM) Rector Song Yonghua’s team, “Intelligent coordinated operation, protection and application on integrated energy IoT”, has also been supported by the Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM), the Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai  and the  SPIC Guangdong Power Co Ltd. . The team and the companies also jointly developed the intelligent management platform of integrated energy systems and carried out a series of engineering demonstration applications. The goal of the project is to further improve the efficiency of urban integrated energy utilization; ensure the safety of urban energy supply; as well as contribute to the construction of a green, low-carbon and smart Macao.
  2. The project of UM Professor Mak Pui In’s team “Develop power-efficient high-resolution GHzrange analog-to-digital converters in advance nanometer-scale technology” also received funding from an enterprise with many years of product experience in data converter application.  The team and the enterprise also jointly designed and verified a highly integrated analog-to-digital converter chip, promoted transformation of application transformation, as well as facilitated the development of Macao's chip design industry, which are beneficial to the formulation of a moderate diversification of Macao’s economy.
  3. The project of UM Professor Wang Yitao’s team, “Classical Chinese medicine prescription preparations and standard R&D and industrialization”, introduced the famous pharmaceutical enterprises including the CR Sanjiu ,  the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) and the Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to Macao for them to operate business in the city. Moreover, pharmaceutical enterprises also supported investments to Macao to jointly study with the team the three representative classical prescriptions, such as Bao Yuan Decoction, Huangqi Guizhi Wuwu Decoction and Kaixin Powder, with the aim of submitting an application for registration to the national or Macao drug regulatory authorities, forming a vertical science and technology transformation system featuring “variety, quality and branding”, as well as building a research and development technology system and industry-university-research innovation platform for Macao's classical prescriptions.
  4. In terms of the project of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) Professor Zhou Hua's team “Study on the preparation, standard, and industrial translation of Gualou Xiebai Banxia decoction and Maimendong decoction”, MUST’s cooperation partner Guangdong E Fong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. also put in the corresponding amount of investment to jointly complete the research on two classical Chinese medicine prescriptions, with the aim of submitting the registration application to the national or Macao drug regulatory authorities. It is expected that there will be a good market demand for the treatment of indications by the selected prescriptions.
Reporting the progress of four ongoing projects
A summary session on the key R & D was held immediately after the launch ceremony. The teams in charge of the four projects that received the fund last year were invited to summarize the interim study status and phased research results. The projects include, respectively: 1) “Research on key technologies and platforms for collaborative intelligence driven auto-driving cars” by UM Professor Xu Chengzhong’s team, which also exhibited the sample of its phased research and development --- the smart drive bus for public display; 2) “Biobanking and precision oncology of several high-risk tumors in Macao and surrounding areas” by UM Professor Deng Chuxia’s team; 3) “Development of robotic intelligent operation system based on 3D vision sensing and compliant force control” by UM Professor Xu Qingsong’s team; 4) “Research and development of the novel compound ZYZ-802 discovered from garlic for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease” by MUST Professor Zhu Yi Zhun’s team.

Due to the epidemic situation, the event will be held in strict compliance with various epidemic prevention measures and the number of participants will also be within the range of the guidelines. The event will also be carried out simultaneously online and offline, so as to ensure members of the public have access to the relevant information. During the meeting, the project teams also answered the questions raised by the participants, and deepened their understanding of the development of funded projects and the progress of research by phases. For details of the relevant content of the projects mentioned in the summary session, please refer to the FDCT's Facebook page. Should you have any inquiries, please call 28788777 or email saf@fdct.gov.mo.

Photo of key R&D project research teams in 2020

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