FDCT Meeting on Guideline Development for the Application for Macao Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects
The Science and Technology Development Fund held an online video conference on the development of guidelines for the application for Macao Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects in the afternoon of 2nd, 3rd and 7th July. The attendees included Cheang Kun Wai, member of the Administrative Committee under the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT); Liu Liangang, FDCT’s technology consultant; FDCT’s senior managers Chu Iek Man and Ip Kuai Lam; Li Xiao and Xu Hongbin,respectively Vice Director and Division Director of China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC) under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, 33 experts from Mainland and Macao were present in the event. The mainland experts were smart city specialists Shan Zhiguang, Lv Weifeng, Shi Youkang, Yang Liuzhong and Wang Junping; chip experts Chen Dapeng, Hu Weiwu, Wang Xiang, Wu Nanjian and Zhao Yuanfu; traditional Chinese medicine professionals He Yi, Ni Jian, Tang Jianyuan and Zhu Xiaoxin, while their Macao peers are specialized in related fields. 
In his speech, Cheang said FDCT decided to continue the Macao Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects as the Scheme was met with tremendous response from the science and technology sector upon its launch in 2019. FDCT received 66 replies from 8 local tertiary and research institutions some time ago to its call for topics for projects to be covered by the Scheme. The proposed topics address artificial intelligence, tumor treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and cyber and telecommunication technologies and so on. To support the SAR government’s policy objectives of promoting the development of Macao’s industries and enhance the city’s role in facilitating technological innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it selected the three areas of “smart city integrated technology development and application”, “chip design” and “classical TCM prescription preparations and standard R&D and industrialization” this year for development of project application guidelines. At last, he emphasized that the work should be done in line with the principles of “using Macao’s strengths and meeting the country’s needs” and “closely related to the industries concerned”. In other words, he hopes that the guidelines will fit the country’s development strategies, promote full use of Macao’s strengths, respond to the development trends of related fields and the needs of relevant industries.
Li Xiao noted that the Ministry of Science and Technology has been attaching importance to and supportive of Macao’s science and technology development. The city has been working increasingly closer with mainland in this field, while the Exchange Center enjoys a great partnership with FDCT. He expressed delight at having been invited to organize experts for the guideline development in contribution to Macao’s science and technology development. He agreed that the work should be carried out in line Macao’s development and in the interest of the Greater Bay Area. He believes that the Funding Scheme will help speed up the industrial application of R&D results and strengthen the role of science and technology advancement in helping Macao develop a moderately diversified economy. After that, Macao’s experts briefed on their entities’ work, research conditions and capacity in the fields concerned, and gave advice on resource distribution and guideline development. The specialists from the two sides discussed the guidelines’ positioning, development direction and ultimate goals in depth. A close meeting ensued between FDCT and the mainland experts, covering the guidelines’ details including their content, relevant indicators and requirements. The Mainland professionals also offered advice as to how Macao could implement the Funding Scheme.
CSTEC will create the guidelines according to the opinions of these professionals and FDCT will work to improve them together with the Center. The Fund will release them and open the Funding Scheme for application shortly. The application reviews are expected to end this year.

A review meeting attended by members of the award evaluation committee
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