Results Announcement of the Preliminary Review of the Applications for Macao Science and Technology Awards 2020
The review of the applications for Macao S&T Award is conducted every two years according to the Regulations on Science and Technology Awards. The review meetings for the applications of Macao Science and Technology Awards 2020 took place on June 18th and 19th online, given the coronavirus outbreak. The list of projects recommended for the Awards is disclosed for public reference. 
The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) received 50 applications for the Awards by the deadline on February 14th, of which 28 were for the Natural Science Award, 13 for the Technological Invention Award and 9 for the Science and Technology Progress Award. 
After the applications passed FDCT’s formality examination in March, the Fund found the experts that matched their fields in the National Science and Technology Award Review Expert Database through the National Office for Science & Technology Awards for their review. A total of 320 experts took part in the work.
They accepted 48 of the 50 applications for the preliminary review and rejected two for the Science and Technology Progress Award, as over half of the experts considered them not qualified for it. 
The award evaluation committee chose the teams of the 17 projects that ranked top in the review for defense individually in the review meetings that would be held on June 18th and 19th, and it would discuss the remaining 31 projects for which FDCT’s staff would give introductions. It was suggested, following a careful review and voting, that 9 projects be recommended for the Natural Science Award, including one for 1st prize of the Award, four for 2nd prize and four for 3rd prize; 4 projects be recommended for the Technological Invention Award, including one for 1st prize of the Award, one for 2nd prize and two for 3rd prize; three projects be recommended for the Science and Technology Progress Award, including two for 2nd prize and one for 3rd prize. The committee was chaired by Yang Wei. Other members included Joseph Sung Jao-Yiu, Tsui Lap-Chee, Gao Sihua, Mei Hong, Hui Yongzheng, Huang Luqi, Eric Yeung Tsun Man, Liu Chung Laung, Zhong Nanshan and Han Yingduo. 
Yang Wei said that in conducting the review, the members showed their professionalism as they were practical, prudent and trust each other at work. He emphasized that the review allowed him to see Macao’s multi-directional development in science and technology research. There had been studies in astrophysics related to the country’s lunar exploration project and chip design research concerning the semiconductor industry. Besides, delighting progress was made in biomedicine, information technology among other fields of research. Sung Jao-Yiu remarked that there were many quality research projects in biomedicine, most of which had been published on internationally prestigious journal, while some research results had been applied in different fields. In addition, the principal researcher respective of two projects recommended for 1st prize are locally training and at their 40s, which he believes is a sign of Macao having a strong capacity for training research professionals. Liu Chung Laung on the other hand noted that an important mission of technological development is to foster knowledge acquisition, training of professionals and cooperation between industries, universities and R&D Institutions. Having worked as a project reviewer for the Awards for many years, he said he had witnessed the city’s technological advancement and its increasing contribution to the development of different industries. He considered some recommended projects this year as a case in point. They touch upon the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its application in the TCM industry, while others deal with the achievements made in cooperation with world leading enterprises such as Synopsys and Huawei. 
The list of recommended projects will be submitted, having been disclosed to public, the Chief Executive for approval, upon which it will be published on the government gazette, according to the Regulations on Science and Technology Awards (Administrative Regulations No.6/2011). The award ceremony of the Macao Science and Technology Awards will take place in October this year.

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