Review Completed of Applications for Macao’s Scientific and Technological R&D Award for Postgraduates
The Scientific and Technological R&D Award for Postgraduates belongs to Macao S&T Award, whose applications are reviewed every two years according to the Regulations on Science and Technology AwardsThe review meetings for the applications of Macao’s Scientific and Technological R&D Award for Postgraduates took place on June 2nd and 3rd online this year, given the coronavirus outbreak. Three renowned science and technology experts and academicians selected 25 of 52 doctoral students and 5 of 9 master’s students as Award recipients after interviews, which they conducted upon FDCT’s invitations, with the students in the meetings.
FDCT received 25 applications from doctoral students and 5 applications from master’s students respectively from the University of Macau and the Macau University of Science and Technology as well as 4 applications from doctoral students from the University of Saint Joseph by the deadline in mid-February. All of them were with recommendations from the institutions concerned. The institutions chose these applicants for recommendation after they passed the schools’ internal reviews and their being recommended, which were made publicly known in the campuses, were met with no objection. After FDCT’s formality examination, two doctoral students’ applications and one application from a master’s student were rejected for not meeting the application criteria. 
The three application reviewers included Wang Tinghuai and Chiang Kin Seng, members of FDCT’s Project Advisory Committee. The former is a professor at the Sun Yat Sen University while the latter is a professor at the City University of Hong Kong. Another reviewer is Kuo Lanping, a professor at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. FDCT delivered the candidates’ information to the review panel for reference and analysis in advance. Every candidate was required to introduce their most representative research achievement and answers questions from the panel in the interviews. The reviewers assessed, based on their defense performance, their familiarity with their research field, creativity and level of advancement of their research content, their research’s potential impact on the academia and the community and so on as well as their level of involvement in the research project. After their defense, the reviewers had a discussion, ranked the candidates for recommendation and suggested a list of recipients for the Award taking into account their and the institutions’ recommendations.
FDCT’s Administrative Committee reviewed the list after the review meetings and the proposed list has been made public on FDCT’s website.

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