Apoio financeiro para investigação
1.1 What is the language requirement for writing the application?Either of Chinese, Portuguese or English.1.2 If the individual applicant is not a Macao citizen, can the applicant apply for the funding?According to paragraph 5 of article 2 of "Regulation of Fund Granting", any researcher, who holds proper legal document working in research and development in Macao, can initiate the application.1.3 "Regulation of Fund Granting" requires the applicant to obtain "Reference letter or recommendation letter issued by prestigious entity in the field of science, technology and innovation development". Can application still be made if without obtaining such reference or recommendation?It is necessary to provide reference or recommendation letter, which can be obtained from academic society, scientific research organization, related professionals, experts or academia teaching in local or overseas educational institute1.4 Can application for subsidies for the same project be made to another local and (or) overseas institution?Yes (except local public institution). But it must be stated in the application whether subsidies from other institutions are applied. This will be taken into consideration in the FDCT's approval process.At the same time, according to article 15 of "Regulation of Fund Granting", expenses which can be subsidized and if they are actually subsidized by FDCT, cannot be subject to subsidies from any other public funding scheme.1.5 Can the applicant make application to FDCT for more than one project? What are the rules?Yes. Application materials of each project should be submitted in accordance with Article 6 of the “Financial Aid Grant Regulation”.
Under normal circumstances, the FDCT proposes that members of the project research team should not undertake more than three projects at the same time. For more details, please refer to the Regulations.
1.6 In case a research project is too big or it lasts for more than 3 years, can it be divided into smaller projects and application for each of them is made?Yes. It is also suggested that overall elaboration of the whole project be made in the proposal. FDCT will evaluate and approve according to the specific situation.1.7 What information on their identity and resume should be provided for the principal investigator and members of the project team?It is suggested that details be provided on academic and working experience, recently published related articles or books, and academic awards obtained. It should also be explained how time will be allocated on implementation of the project concerned.1.8 Can application for subsidies for salary of the principal investigator or members of the project team?According to article 3 of "Regulation of Fund Granting", for the principal investigator or members of the project team who do not belong to the beneficiary entity, such application can be made.1.9 Is there any limit on number of researchers recruited?Number of researchers should be proper, and division of work should be reasonable and specific. In general, FDCT will subsidize recruitment of no more than 5 researchers for each project, except for special cases.1.10 Is there any limit on subsidies for recruiting student researcher because of implementation of the research project?Yes, there is.

In general, the limit is MOP $8,000 for a master degree student researcher, and MOP $10,000 for a doctorate degree student researcher.

However FDCT will make overall evaluation according to their present working situation and their participation in the project in terms of time and depth.
1.11 How should the column of "Name of Present Employer" in the Commitment Letter of the Research Team Members Participating in the Project be filled in for a student researcher?It should be filled in this column as a graduate student of a particular academic institute. Besides copy of identification document, also required is copy of student identity card.1.12 Is the thesis of a student researcher acceptable as a project for the purpose of application for subsidies?No, it is not acceptable.1.13 Are civil servants allowed to apply for project subsidies?Yes. The applicant should report to the institution he belongs, and should pay attention to whether it violates the Statute of Civil Servant and rules of the institution he belongs.1.14 Is it allowed to recruit some overseas researchers for implementation of the research project?Yes. If a researcher is recruited to do research work in Macao, legal work permit of his must be provided.

It is encouraged by FDCT that Macao residents should be given higher priority when project researchers are recruited.
1.15 Can transportation expenses of overseas travels for meeting and researching with project cooperative researchers and (or) entities, be included in derived expenses?Yes. Expenses concerned should be detailed in the application. FDCT will evaluate and approve in accordance with number of times of overseas travels and reasonableness of the amount of fund applied.1.16 Can application still be made when part of the research is conducted overseas?Evaluation and approval will be made according to specific situation. FDCT recommends that major part (at best 100%) should be conducted in Macao in order to improve her research and development capacity.1.17 Should proof be provided if the applicant would cooperate with other institutions?The applicant should provide proof when submitting the proposal. Under special circumstances, it is acceptable to provide after the project is approved but before fund is released.

It should be specified in the cooperation agreement the project name, appropriation of intellectual property right, division of work. (If it is only with a member of the institution who cooperates or participates in academic exchange program, it is not classified as a cooperative relationship with the applicant.)
1.18 When is it necessary to submit the Commitment Letter of the Research Team Members Participating in the Project?The applicant should submit it together with the proposal. Under special circumstances, it is acceptable to provide after the project is approved but before fund is released.1.19 If the applicant is an institution, what does it mean for effective form of signature?All documents require signing must be properly signed in accordance with the effective form of signature requirement specified in the business registration. In addition, company seal is also needed on such documents.1.20 If the applicant is an institution, what background information of the institution should be provided?The applicant should provide a brief description of the institution in the proposal.1.21 How long does it take for project approval?For application not exceeding $500,000:

In general, approval time is around 90 working days. (It takes longer for approval when a project proposal has to be contracted out for appraisal.)

For application exceeding $500,000:

In general, it takes more than 180 working days. (It takes longer for approval when a project proposal has to be contracted out for appraisal)

2.1 How will subsidies be distributed?According to specific project, payments are made in a lump sum or by a number of installments. Payment terms of subsidies will be included in the approval document.2.2 After an application is approved, how will it define the starting date of research?The day, on which the applicant receives the first cheque, will be regarded as the beginning of the subsidized project, and the time for submission of annual or final report will be calculated from that date on.

If research of an approved project has started before the first payment date, the subsidized receipts concerned will be backdated to the application date.
2.3 Are there any specific requirements for the contents of the annual report and final report?According to article 13 of "Regulation of Fund Granting", these reports are consisted of two parts. The first part is about actual progress of activities, and the second part is reporting on financial implementation.2.4 Is it necessary to submit original receipts when submit annual or final report?Original receipts are required. In case copies are presented, the original receipts must be provided for verification by FDCT.2.5 If the beneficiary entity is not granted with the whole amount of subsidies, is it possible to reduce the research content proportionally?FDCT provides money in form of subsidy. The beneficiary entity may not be granted the whole amount applied. The approved amount intends to function as a subsidy. The beneficiary entity should also be responsible for part of the research budget. Besides, the beneficiary entity must initiate the research project according to the proposal submitted. When there is any amendment, it must be agreed by FDCT. (Except when the amendment is asked by FDCT.)2.6 When the beneficiary entity cannot obtain full amount of subsidies from FDCT, can it apply for funding from other local or overseas institutions?Yes (except local public institutions). According to article 15 of "Regulation of Fund Granting", expenses, this can be subsidized and if they are actually subsidized by the Fund, cannot be subject to subsidies from any other public funding scheme.2.7 For a subsidized project, can the proportion of expenses be adjusted without affecting the overall subsidy amount?The applicant should first submit written proposal to FDCT. FDCT will re-evaluate the project in order to decide whether agree or not to such arrangement.2.8 For a subsidized project, if the amount for purchasing facility exceeds the upper limit approved by the Fund, is it possible to apply for incremental funding?Since the upper limit of subsidy has been established when approving funding, the applicant cannot apply for incremental funding.2.9 For facilities purchased with subsidy, how should they be handled after completion of subsidized project?This will be made clear in the approval document. Facilities purchased with subsidy must be specified as funded by Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR.2.10 For personnel recruited exclusively for implementation of the project, is their income subject to taxation?Yes. It should be reported to the Finance Department according to the tax law.2.11 Will FDCT assist the applicant to launch the research result to the market?No. Launch of the research result into the market is of commercial nature. The applicant should do it by itself.3.QUESTIONS RELATED TO PATENT APPLICATION AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT

3.1 Can subsidies be applied to FDCT for annual fee and renewal fee related to patent application?FDCT will subsidize the applicant making patent application to local and overseas institutions, but annual fee and renewal fee are not included in the scope of subsidies for patent application.3.2 Are such expenses acceptable for subsidy application to FDCT if patent has successfully been granted?No, not acceptable. Subsidy application for such expenses to FDCT should be made before or during the process of making patent application to the patent granting institution.3.3 Will FDCT assist the applicant in the administrative procedure of applying for patent?The applicant should make the application by itself.3.4 For the result of a subsidized project, to whom does it belong?The intellectual property right of the result of a subsidized project belongs to the applicant (except under special circumstances). Besides, the result of a subsidized project should clearly specify as funded by Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR.
4.1 Does FDCT choose any research directions as more important for subsidy purpose?Not at this stage. But it does not exclude the possibility of making related guidelines in the future after gradual evaluation.4.2 Is it FDCT's policy to grant more subsidies to fundamental research or applied research?FDCT places same importance to fundamental research as well as applied research.4.3 For a subsidized project by FDCT, will information be publicized during the process of research or after obtaining result from the research?FDCT will not publicize a subsidized project, which has not got any result.4.4 What are the problems commonly come across in preparing the proposal?The objective of research is not clear. The scope of research is too wide, without focus.1. The research project lacks scientific principles, or lacks sufficient scientific research.2. The research is not innovative, or does not have specific research content or direction.3. Explanation on budgeted expenses is not detailed enough.4. There is no sufficient identity information on the applicant, principal investigator and other members of the team.5. There is no detailed explanation on division of work among research team members.4.5 What are the matters to which the research team members should pay special attention?1. It must clearly describe the principal investigator and other research members on their personal information, research location, work time and division of work. Priority will be given to projects with research undertaken in Macao.2. Describe in detail the principal investigator and other research members on their academic background, experience in research work, recently published related articles or books, and academic awards obtained​3. The principal investigator must station in Macao to conduct research work, and he must be able to provide legal document allowing him to work in Macao.4. If there are other team members who are non-residents but engaged in research work in Macao, they must be able to provide legal document allowing them to work in Macao.5. FDCT gives priority to team members who are Macao residents.4.6 Regarding the Commitment Letter of the Research Team Members Participating in the Project, what are the matters to which special attention should be directed?1. It is suggested that the Commitment Letter be submitted together with the proposal.2. Identification documents of the research team members listed in the Commitment Letter should be submitted at the same time.3. For student researcher participating in the project, he must make note in the column of employing institution, and submit related student identification document.4. The purpose of signing the Commitment Letter is to ascertain research team members' participation in the project, understanding and acceptance of the regulations of the Fund.4.7 What are the projects FDCT does not support?1. Projects without scientific foundation, or without scientific, technological innovation.2. Projects already with research result or patent granted.3. Copying or theft of other people's research results or violation of other people's intellectual property right. People involved are blacklisted at the same time.4. Research result or intellectual property right does not belong to or is not shared by the recipient, as it belongs to the cooperative entity outside of Macao.5. The professional standard of the research team is not sufficient to undertake the project.6. Project applications in statistics, survey, questionnaire etc and without scientific research or technological innovation.7. Project applications for schooling, training or establishing research institution.8. Project applications for setting up company, establishing manufacturing factory, or any other entity with commercial purpose.9. Applications for organizing scientific, technological or other activity, seminar and conference.10. Principal investigator or researchers participate in 3 or more projects. (In general 2 applications are allowed.)11. Only the principal investigator alone is Macao resident, but other researchers are not Macao residents and do not undertake research in Macao.12. Facilities asked for subsidy are not placed in the project application in Macao.13. Graduate students use their thesis for research project application.14. Project applications undertake pension or provident fund obligation for foreign researchers.15. Applications with the aim of relieving poverty or resolving living burden.4.8 Under general circumstances, what are the facilities FDCT will not grant any subsidy?1. Facilities not relevant or not necessary to project research.2. Purchase of non-movables such as office, laboratory, apartment etc.3. Purchase of car or other vehicles.4. Purchase of laptop computer or mobile phone.5. Purchases of articles for private use.6. Furnishing of office or laboratory.

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